OST-104: Openstack Admin. and COA exam prep.

Course Description

This course covers the general administration of the OpenStack open source IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) cloud solution, used for creating private and public clouds. After a short cloud and OpenStack primer it presents the architecture of OpenStack and introduce its base components in detail such as the Horizon GUI dashboard and the OpenStack CLI, the Keystone identity system, the Nova compute service, the Neutron network service and software defined networking, the Glance image service, the Cinder block storage service, the Ceilometer metering solution, the Heat orchestration services and the Swift object store. Besides in-depth theoretical coverage students also do hands-on exercises with all studied OpenStack components in their own OpenStack lab system.

Course Length: 4 days

Structure: 50% theory 50% hands on lab exercises.

Target audience: Developers, Sys.Admins and Dev.Ops wanting to obtain an initial knowledge about the OpenStack open source cloud system.

Prerequisites: Basic Linux sys.admin, networking as well as virtualization knowledge

Időpontok és árak: Tréningnaptár 2019

Detailed Course Outline (PDF)Jelentkezési lap

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