KBS-343: Kubernetes Troubleshooting

Preliminary Course Description

under development, available from September 2022

As Kubernetes becomes the most widely used platform for deploying applications it becomes of paramount importance to know how to address problems that may occur in these systems.

This course will present from the generic methodologies applicable in the troubleshooting to the domain specific instructions that will address the various aspects of Kubernetes and the deployed applications.

Course Length: 3 days

Structure: 40% theory 60% hands on lab exercises

Target audience: Professionals who are involved in managing/operating Kubernetes clusters and the applications on top of them.

Prerequisites: Working experience with Kubernetes, a general understanding of the Linux kernel, containerization, and networking concepts.


Online: Europe€1,500
Online: UK£1,260
Online: Americas$1,650

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Places and dates

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Europe (9:00-17:00 CEST)Sep 28 2022Sep 30 2022
Americas (10:00-18:00 EDT)Oct 5 2022Oct 7 2022

Anywhere in Europe and North-America
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