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The mission of Component Soft is to provide high quality IT trainings and consultation for corporate and governmental customers within the European Union on the area of complete IT infrastructure and software development as well as to develop course books and course lab environments for similar IT training companies. We describe our professional expertise with triple O: Oracle (mainly Solaris and MySQL), Open Source (Linux, Linux virtualization, web and application servers as well as Java, Bash, Perl and Python programming languages) and OpenStack. We offer education and consultancy on all three areas while we create course books and course lab environments at the last two ones.

History of Component Soft

The first form of Component Soft was founded as a department of another organization at the beginning of 1994 and became an independent company at the end of 1995. Quite early, in 1994 we became the first Authorized Sun Microsystems Education Center in Central-Eastern and South-East Europe, which currently means the eastern part of the EU from Poland down to Greece. After 12 years of successful operation in Hungary and a few trial courses in 2006 we received the same title from Sun Microsystems for South-East Europe as well. During the following 4 years we successfully built up Sun education from almost zero in that region, sold and delivered numerous trainings in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey and built up business relationships with several local and global customers and with other European Sun training partners and instructors, an important asset for us also now.

The years 2009-2010 brought two important changes into our life. Firstly due to the crises our business droped in all mentioned countries and our customers became much more price sensitive. In retrospective it had the advantage that they became more open to more economical courses developed by ourselves, which became a very important element of our training portfolio.

The second big news in 2009-2010 was that Oracle squired Sun Microsystems which caused tremendous changes also for us. On one side, due to tough cost and margin requirements as well as due to making the product portfolio simpler and more consistence, many former Sun products discontinued or their sales seriously felt. On the other hand, as Oracle is practically present in each countries it didn’t needed our marketing and sales activity outside of Hungary yet. The positive side was that we were able to build up a mutually fruitful connection with Oracle University on both country and regional levels and we started to offer a much wider portfolio of Oracle trainings. And the Oracle connection also helped us to provide instructors for Oracle courses in several European countries, mainly in the UK, bringing us lots of new international experiences.

Due to the above changes we also started to investigate new technological areas besides Sun and Oracle ones in that period. After our former modest trials, Linux became a cornerstone of our strategy and we started to offer a whole portfolio of Linux trainings using the quality course books of US based Gurulabs. Later on we also included a new Java training portfolio into our offerings using the course books of Capstone, another small American specialized company. These two partners gave us example and encouragement that creating and marketing coursewares can also be a viable business.

Besides using the above third party coursewares we also started to develop our own course books where we couldn’t find alternatives to buy. Even before we had had some experience: a Windows NT basic and advanced system administration training developed during 1997-1998 and using in the following 5 years to educate hundreds of students for this technology. And since 2010 we have developed quite a few open source courses about Linux HA, Red Hat/CentOS Cluster, Xen, KVM, Apache, Tomcat system administration as well as about Bash, Perl and Python programming.

Our most popular courses are a 4 days long OpenStack workshop, a brand new Kubernetes Course, and our cutting-edge Docker-Kubernetes combo course. OpenStack workshops, which enabled us to enter very early into a brand new, already hot and quickly growing technological area, also called “the Linux of the cloud systems, so practically the one and only open-source IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) cloud solution. What helped us to learn this new technology, to develop our course and to successfully run it several times in quite a few European countries so early was the fact that a very important customer of ours, one of the biggest telecommunication vendors in the world, decided to develop its own private cloud on OpenStack base, so it has to educate now huge number of software developers and system engineers for the technology. And we see great future potential in this topic: with our own trainings as well as with reselling our own course books and the related complex remote lab environment to other IT training companies.

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