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A short introduction of Component Soft

Component Soft is highly focused IT training, consulting and support business based in Budapest Hungary and active in whole Europe and beyond. With 25 years of history first in Unix later in Linux and other open-source enterprise systems we currently focus on open-source cloud (e.g. OpenStack, Ceph, Ansible) and cloud-native (Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio etc.) infrastructure technologies.

We are an official OpenStack Training Partner, a Kubernetes Training Partner,  a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and a Red Hat Technology Partner. We develop our own training materials and have educated more than 3,500(!) delegates for OpenStack and Kubernetes since 2014 which you can also read in the news section of the OpenStack Summit Europe 2018 Report.

We have sponsored, exhibited, made talks and/or led workshops on the OpenStack CEE Days and OpenStack UK Days in 2017, on the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe and the OpenStack Summit Europe in 2018 as well as on the Open Infra Days UK 2019 in London and on the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2019. in Barcelona.

Besides our training activity we have also participated in quite a few consulting projects using the same cloud and cloud-native technologies as in our trainings.

Component Soft maintains official certifications

History of Component Soft

January 1994 – Component Soft was started as a division of Component Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary
1994 – We became the first Authorized Sun Education Center in Central-Eastern Europe covering Hungary.
1994-2010 – We delivered hundreds of official Sun trainings for several thousand delegates in Hungary and later in South-East Europe
January 1996 – Component Soft became an independent company
2001. Our first Linux trainings were delivered. Our Linux training portfolio became one of our most important revenue sources in the following 10 years
2006. Component Soft became an Authorized Sun Education Center for South-East Europe covering all countries from Hungary in the north down to Greece and Cyprus.
2007-2010. Several important Sun training projects for global telco, financial and IT services companies in South-East Europe. Sun Education Services was a new success story in the region.
2007. We started to offer MySQL courses of Sun Microsystems as well as our own Python trainings
2010. Oracle buys Sun Microsystems, Component Soft becomes an Approved Oracle Training Center
2011-2012. New topics in our training portfolio: Apache, Tomcat, JBoss using our own courseware
2014. Component Soft becomes one of the few Global Preferred IT Training Suppliers of Ericsson, covering mainly Europe
2015. We developed and started to deliver our own Openstack training portfolio. Since then we have been delivering it for hundreds of training participants yearly in the whole of Europe
2015. Component Soft becomes a Training Partner of the Openstack Foundation and a Red Hat Technology Partner
2015- Component Soft provides third level support and consultation for the mission critical NFV system of the Hungarian Telekom
2016- Component Soft is a sponsor of the Openstack CEE Day held each year in June in Budapest.
2017- Component Soft provides third level support and consultation for a mission critical financial system of Erste Bank Hungary
2017. We developed our own Kubernetes Admin training and from October started to deliver Docker and Kubernetes trainings in large quantity throughout Europe
2017. Component Soft becomes a Kubernetes Service Partner
2017- Component Soft regularly delivers trainings for Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net in topics like Openstack, Ceph, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes related to the mission critical NFV system of the Deutsche Telekom Group.
2017 – September. We are a Gold Sponsor of the OpenStack UK Day in London
2018 – May. We are a Silver Sponsor and an exhibitor of KuberCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018. in Copenhagen
2018 – June. Component Soft becomes a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and a Kubernetes Training Partner
2019 – April. We become a gold sponsor of the Open Infra Days UK 2019, also providing a key speaker (Laszlo Budai, our CTO) and two workshops. We also gave a talk at the Cloud Native London meetup group on 3. April 2019.
2019 – May. We were a Silver Sponsor of the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 Conference in Barcelona
2019 – November. Our first onsite training in Latin-America (Brazil).
2020 – February. We started a Docker + Kubernetes training onsite at the premises of one of our global clients in Zagbreb Croatia and converted it to online format overnight when we learned that a Covid-19 infection was located at the company and it got immediatelly locked down for disinfection.
2020 – March. All our trainings run in online format in big quantity and with high satisfaction rate for audiences on 3 continents (Mainly in Europe, regularly in the Americas and a little bit for China).

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