Obligations of the parties

Component Soft Llc is obligated to provide training services and course material according to the Purchase Order and Order Confirmation.

Component Soft Llc creates an invoice stating the amount that was previously agreed on with the employer of the Participant, and which is transferred according to mutually accepted terms.

In case of any changes in the schedule of the training Component Soft Llc informs the Participant at least 2 days before the start of the training.

Component Soft Llc is obligated to provide professional training process and calm training conditions.

The Participant cannot be absent from more than 25% of the duration of the training. In case it exceeds the allowed rate the missing parts have to be provided on a later date. Until then Component Soft Llc is not obligated to provide certification of attendance.

In case the training is cancelled due to an error of Component Soft Llc the training has to be provided in 180 days.

The participant may inform the Instructor or the designated person regarding his/her observation in connection with the training.

The Participant accepts Component Soft Llc to manage some of his/her personal data (name, e-mail address) according to the Act LXII. of 2013 on Adult Education, the Act CXII of 2011 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Republic Interest and the General Data protection Regulation of the European Parlaiment and Commission (2016/679).

Dispute management, consequences of breach of contract

In case the training cannot be completed due to an error of Component Soft Llc, the missing training hours have to be supplied for free or a compensation has to be made from the total training cost.

The issues not mentioned in these General Business Conditions have to be resolved according to the Hungarian Civil Code. The Parties agree on that in case of dispute they intend to resolve their issues by mutual discussion initially.

Conditions of Cancellation

The cancellation and alteration of attendance has to be indicated in written form (letter, e- mail). In case this form arrives 6 days before the start of the training 50% of the total cost shall be invoiced as a cancellation/alteration rate. In case of cancellation or the absence of the participant without written notice the total cost shall be invoiced. This applies in the event of re-application of the Participant on a later date and when the provided course material is opened and downloaded. In case of cancellation or alteration of Component Soft Llc the Participants are notified before the start of the training and provided a new date of training.