Donations during the pandemic – part 1

Donations to the employees of Szent Imre Hospital

Our company donated 10 high-end laptops with an approximate gross value 3 million HUF to the employees of Szent Imre Hospital.
The donation was received by those nurses, auxiliary nurses, cleaning ladies, admin colleagues whose family and children would need a computer because of home schooling or simply they could not afford a modern laptop.

For the post from the Szent Imre Hospital click HERE

“Ten of our colleagues were made happy by the donation of Component Soft.
The Újbuda-based company not only offered high-end laptops to our staff but also provided the software required for immediate usage.
„When we feel that we cannot longer bear the enormous load, we receive a huge package of love like this which helps and immediately recharges us. It is infinitely touching that they thought about us and help us to make our everyday lives easier.” – said nurse Márti, whose high school boy received a great help with this machine.
Thank you for your generous donation!”

For the article in our local newspaper about our donation click HERE