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We were at the OpenStack UK Day!

Erno’s presentation The long awaited OpenStack UK day took place on the 26th of September in London. Component Soft participated in the event, as Gold level Sponsors, so we’d set up a booth to meet and greet and we also presented on 2 different topics regarding OpenStack. A summary of the day’s events Our first […]

Our presentation on the OpenStack CEE day – Monitoring and logging OpenStack

OpenStack has evolved into a complex “Cloud Operating System” for datacenters with a lot of moving parts. Operators must be able to monitor, measure and troubleshoot OpenStack but that is not a trivial task. In this presentation, originally recorded at the OpenStack CEE day 2017 in Budapest our instructor and consultant, Csaba Patyi talks about current solutions […]

COA Switches to Newton

The OpenStack Foundation have officially switched the COA exam to the new version of OpenStack: Newton. This change, along with several usability improvements to the exam itself (for example you can navigate between questions freely from now on), has been in the making for some time. In anticipation of this change we have been working […]

The OpenStack COA Exam: 10 tips for better chances

Near the end of last year OpenStack.org asked us to provide practical tips about taking the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam, for their article collecting the tips of various training centers. In this post we attempt to expand on our advice shown in the OpenStack.org article. 1. Study thoroughly the OpenStack COA Requirements They are quite […]