Course Description: learn more in-depth details about some of the most important the microservices decomposition, the Saga pattern and integration testing.

Structure: as the course is designed to present some of the topics from the ‘Microservices design & architecture’ course, the discussed sessions will consist mainly from an in-depth presentation of some of the topics from the course description. The topics that will be presented will be chosen by each team, depending on their needs. Depending on the presented topic, the ratio between the theoretical and the practical parts are varying from ~70/30% to ~50/50%.

Target audience: Software Architects, Tech Leads, Developers

Prerequisites: basic Microservices knowledge, e.g. participating in our MCS-105 Microservices Design & Arcitecture training.

Course Length: 5 days

LocationCourse Price
Europe (online)€ 2.500
UK (online)£ 2.200
Americas (online)$ 2.500
Virtual ClassStartEnd
Europe (9:00-17:00)June 19June 23