KBS-103: Kubernetes Administration with CKA & CKAD exam prep.

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Learn Kubernetes, Get CKA & CKAD Certified!

This course is the ultimate preparation for obtaining highly sought after Kubernetes admin skills and passing the popular Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exams.

Course outline

  • Installing and accessing Kubernetes
  • Workloads
  • Scheduling and load management
  • Accessing the applications
  • Persistent storage
  • Logging, monitoring and troubleshooting

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KBS-202: Kubernetes Advanced Administration

2 days; Teaches you Istio and Helm. A good fit if you know the basics of Kubernetes administration and want to take your skills to the next level.

KBS-505: Kubernetes, Helm and Istio for Application Developers with CKA & CKAD exam.prep.

5 days; This is our most comprehensive Kubernetes course. Teaches you everything you need to know from the ground up to the advanced areas of Helm and Istio.

We have a combined Docker + Kubernetes Course as well

KBS-405: Docker & Kubernetes Admin with CKA & CKAD exam.prep.

5 days; Combines a 2-day Docker admin training and our KBS-103 training, this course teaches you the core Kubernetes skills you need in the day-to-day administration of Kubernetes, prepares you for the CKA & CKAD exams and also trains you in Docker administration for a full container skillset.

Kubernetes Training Partner

Component Soft is one of the few Kubernetes Training Partners of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

We show you the theory

Our KBS-103 Kubernetes course covers the theoretical knowledge required to successfully deploy, manage and automate containerized applications.

We don’t only teach you what to do and how but also why.

Use our labs for practice

Theoretical knowledge is all well and good, but you also need practical experience to master Kubernetes.

That’s why 50% of our course is hands-on exercises.

You can use our lab environment to learn Kubernetes in practice during the training and even thereafter.

Prepare for the CKA & CKAD exams

Our training was designed from the ground up to comply with the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam.

We participated in the CKA exam beta while developing our course and are continuously updating it to match the exam.

Our instructors are Certified Kubernetes Administrators. We also modified our course to prepare you for the recently announced CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer) exam as well.

A free lesson from the course

The instructor showed excellent knowledge of Kubernetes, and answered all questions.

I would recommend to all IT colleagues because k8s is the future.

Gives a good overview of Kubernetes. Would recommend to engineers working on deploying our applications in containers using kubernetes

Overall a very good course. Most enjoyable and easy to recommend.

Our courses are held in English

Places and dates

Berlin, GermanyDec 9 2019Dec 11 2019
Budapest, HungaryDec 9 2019Dec 11 2019
London, UKDec 9 2019Dec 11 2019
Budapest, HungaryFeb 12 2020Feb 14 2020
Berlin, GermanyFeb 12 2020Feb 14 2020
London, UKFeb 26 2020Feb 28 2020
Budapest, HungaryMar 9 2020Mar 11 2020
Berlin, GermanyMar 9 2020Mar 11 2020
London, UKMar 23 2020Mar 25 2020
Budapest, HungaryApr 22 2020Apr 24 2020
Budapest, HungaryMay 25 2020May 27 2020
Budapest, HungaryJun 24 2020Jun 26 2020
Budapest, HungaryJul 6 2020Jul 8 2020

EuropeMar 4 2020Mar 6 2020
EuropeMar 16 2020Mar 18 2020
CKA or CKAD Exam Voucher Surcharge
Online: Europe€1,720€245/voucher
Online: Americas$2,720$280/voucher

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Private training

Component Soft also offers Private Training on-site or in our classrooms all over Europe. We offer group discounts and individual tailoring of our course material to companies who order private trainings from us.

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