JVA-163: Enterprise JavaBeans

Course Description

This course gives the experienced Java developer a thorough grounding in Enterprise JavaBeans — the Java EE standard for scalable, secure, and transactional business components. EJB 3.0 has reinvigorated this area of Java enterprise development, with dramatic improvements in ease of use and smooth integration with servlet-based or JSF web applications. This course treats the 3.0 specification, with a few notes on 2.1 compatibility but an emphasis on doing things the 3.0 way.

Students get an overview of the EJB rationale and architecture, and then dive right into creating session beans and entities. The new dependency-injection features of EJB3 cause perhaps the most confusion, so we work through a chapter devoted explicitly to DI and JNDI, and basically how components find each other to make an application. We study entities and the Java Persistence API in depth, and get a look at message-driven beans as well. The latter phase of the course covers advanced topics including transactions, security, and interceptors.

This version of the course is designed to work with the Java EE 5 SDK, Update 7, which includes the GlassFish application server, version 2.1, and TopLink as the JPA provider. Variants of the course are also available with specific support for recent versions of JBoss and WebLogic.

Course Length: 5 days

Prerequisites: Solid Java programming skills and understanding of OO Java and Java-5 language features is essential. Course 103 is excellent preparation for this course. Experience with developing Java web applications is very helpful for this course, but not strictly required. Some knowledge of XML will be useful for writing the occasional deployment descriptor, but is not required.

Detailed Course Outline (PDF)

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