GO-101: GO Language Essentials

Course Description

Go is a recent programming language, developed at Google. It has been first released in 2009 and its version 1.0 came out in 2012. Go quickly become popular, especially for cloud native environments. It is used by Google in house (e.g., for implementing YouTube), and by several leading IT companies, including Uber, SoundCloud, Dropbox and Twitch. Docker and Kubernetes were also written in Go. We can safely say that by now Go is the de-facto standard programming language of cloud native applications.

In this course we introduce participants to this extremely efficient language with plenty of examples and exercises. We also give an insight to cloud native programming with Go, certainly also with active participations of the course attendees.

Join us to this exciting learning experience! Let’s Go!

Course Length: 4 days of Go Language Essentials + 1 day of Introduction to Cloud Native Programming in Go, 5 days altogether

Structure: 50% theory 50% hands on lab exercises

Prerequisites: No prior Go or cloud native development skills are required. It is essential, however, that the attendees have experience in programming in at least one language, such as C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, etc. No object-oriented programming skills are required.

Időpontok és árak

Detailed Course Outline (PDF) Jelentkezési lap


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