GL-275: Red Hat Linux Network Services

Course Description

The GL275 is an expansive course that covers a wide range of network services useful to every organization. Special attention is paid to the concepts needed to implement these services securely, and to the trouble-shooting skills which will be necessary for real-world administration of these network services. Like all Guru Labs courses, the course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience. Topics include: Security with SELinux and Netfilter, DNS concepts and implementation with Bind; LDAP concepts and implementation using OpenLDAP; Web services with Apache; FTP with vsftpd; caching, filtering proxies with Squid; SMB/CIFS (Windows networking) with Samba; and e-mail concepts and implementation with Postfix combined with either Dovecot or Cyrus.

Course Length: 5 days

Prerequisites: Students should already be comfortable with basic Linux or Unix administration. Fundamentals such as the Linux filesystem, process management, and how to edit files will not be covered in class. A good understanding of network concepts, the TCP/IP protocol suite is also assumed.These skills are taught in the GL120 “Linux Fundamentals” and GL250 “Enterprise Linux Systems Administration”┬ácourses.

Distributions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


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Detailed Course Outline (PDF)



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