JVA-117E: Developing RESTful Services with Spring

Course Description

This course enables the experienced Java developer to use the Spring application framework to manage objects in a lightweight “IoC” (inversion-of-control) container; to create simple and complex RESTful web services; to manage persistent objects using Spring’s support for DAOs and transaction control; and to take advantage of the Spring testing framework for their RESTful services. Spring is a far-reaching framework that aims to facilitate all sorts of Java development, including every level of multi-tier distributed systems. Here we focus on the Core and Web/MVC modules, with a slightly lighter touch on persistence through DAO and ORM modules, all to the end of building RESTful web services. We also cover Spring’s support for building REST clients.

Course Length: 5 days

Prerequisites: Java programming — Course 103 is excellent preparation; Basic knowledge of XML

Időpontok és árak

Detailed Course Outline (PDF) Jelentkezési lap
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