DCK-103: Docker Administration

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Course Description

Linux containers are changing the way companies think about service development and deployment. Containers play a vital role in the modern data-center, and Docker is leading the way. This course covers all the core features of Docker including: container creation and management, interacting with Docker hub, using Dockerfile to create and manage custom images, advanced Docker networking (how to safely expose container services to the world, and link containers), the use of Docker volumes to manage persistent data, and Docker Compose to build multi-container applications.

Emphasis is placed on best practices and how to secure Docker installations and containers. Course culminates with comprehensive labs where students use Docker, Git, and a continuous integration server to automate the testing of containerized applications.

Many large companies are moving an increasing number of applications to run inside containers. Containers can provide a high level of security while also making maximal use of hardware allowing higher density than traditional VMs. Docker is a dominant force in Linux containers and the core building block for nearly all higher level container management systems. This training will get sysadmins proficient with Docker so that they can immediately be productive as organizations continue to move applications onto containers.

Course Length: 3 days

Prerequisites: Proficiency with the Linux CLI. A broad understanding of Linux system administration.


Budapest, Hungary€1,344
London, Berlin€1,680 or £1,320
Online: Europe€1,344
Online: Americas$2,040

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Places and dates

Budapest, HungaryMar 12 2019Mar 15. 2019
AmericasDec 17 2018Dec 19. 2018
EuropeMar 12 2019Mar 15. 2019
Anywhere in Europe and North-America
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