ANS-101 Ansible Essentials

Learn Ansible with Component Soft

This course is the ultimate preparation for obtaining highly sought after Ansible admin skills. It covers all the core Ansible features including: installing and configuring, running ad-hoc commands, understanding modules, creating and using playbooks, variables and inclusion, task control, templates, roles as well as dealing with sensitive data via Ansible Vault.

Course outline

  • Ansible overview
  • Deploying ansible
  • Playbooks basics
  • Variables and inclusions
  • Task control
  • Jinja2 templates
  • Roles
  • Ansible vault

We show you the theory

Our ANS-101 Ansible course covers the theoretical knowledge required to administer Ansible-based solutions.

We don’t only teach you what to do and how but also why.

Ask Questions

Because our courses are real-time, instructor-lead trainings, you have access to the indispensable resource that are our experienced instructors.

They are ready to answer your questions about Ansible, and its uses in various environments.

They are the secret ingredient that completes any course.

Use our labs for practice

Theoretical knowledge is all well and good, but you also need actual practical experience to learn Ansible.

This is why we have 14 different lab exercises.

You can use our lab environment to learn Ansible in practice during the training and even thereafter.

We worked with very good labs.

I’ve been learning more than 10 years at ComponentSoft. For me the ComponentSoft name is equivalent to quality.

I think the course was good, I have learnt a lot.

Our courses are held in English

Places and dates

Budapest, HungaryMar 2 2020Mar 4 2020
Budapest, HungaryJun 8 2020Jun 10 2020


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Online: Americas$2,450$280/voucher

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